Institutions include industry specific facilities, such as hospitals, schools, military, industrial and research laboratories. Lab Craft Company’s product catalog includes several furniture suppliers with options for designing a custom solution to fit your particular requirements.

Top Grade Furniture

We sell industrial grade equipment furniture schools, federal and state departments including military facilities. Whether you are looking for work stations, desks, storage cabinets, for your institution, we are pleased to explore the many options available to you.


Military Medical Facilities

Equip your military base’s medical facility with state of the art equipment. Lab Craft Company sells sturdy operating tables, gurneys, and storage cabinets. Get your military medical facility in order by outfitting it with the latest and greatest equipment. Contact us directly for more information on the types of products we have available for medical facilities.

labcraft supplies military medical facilities
labcraft is a quality supplier of military lodging facilities


Educational facilities such as high schools, universities and trade schools, must all adhere to certain furnishing requirements. Lab Craft Company has large tables, desks, storage solutions and other furnishing solutions that are designed to address your facilities specific needs. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of options available in our product catalogue, simply contact us and describe what you’re looking for. We are more than willing to help narrow your search.

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