Anybody who works in a lab understands the value of having facilities outfitted with work stations and laboratory furniture designed specifically for your area. Lab Craft Company was founded to design and sell laboratory equipment to any companies that regularly work with heavy equipment or toxic chemicals that have specific handling requirements.

Sturdy Furniture for All Needs

Browse our product catalogue. We sell custom built work stations and laboratory furniture, to industry specific equipment like ductless fume hoods and vibration isolation tables. Depending on your location, our distributors will even assist you in installing your new equipment.

Custom Built Work Stations

When our clients are in the market for a new work station, we work with them to addresses their specific needs. Common features include: outlets for appliances, wheels and storage cabinets.

General Laboratory Furniture

This includes anything from storage cabinets to rolling carts that you can store your everyday equipment on. Lab Craft Company will work with you to find the appropriate best fit design for your lab.

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